Quantum foundations, particle physics, and the unification of forces (online)

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Date:  2024-02-16  -  2024-12-13

Location:  Online

An online lecture series presented by

Archive Trust for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy (Oxford) and Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (Pune)

Hosts: Tejinder P. Singh (IUCAA, Pune) and Michael Wright (ATRMSP, Oxford)

Advisors: Latham Boyle (Edinburgh), Felix Finster (Regensburg), Cohl Furey (Berlin), Niels Gresnigt (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University), Basil Hiley (University College London), Jose Isidro (Valencia), Ashutosh Kotwal (Duke University), Anthony Lasenby (Cambridge), Roger Penrose (Oxford), Hendrik Ulbricht (Southampton)


Roger Penrose
Basil Hiley
Maurice A. de Gosson
Xavier Hernandez
Mordehai Milgrom
Bernd Henschenmacher
Leron Borsten
Antonino Marciano
Siddhant Das
Subir Sarkar
Kaustubh Agashe
Tim Tait
George Sparling
Andrew Hamilton
Zoltan Fodor