Third edition of the Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal (2nd announcement)

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Date:  2024-06-18  -  2024-06-21

Location:  Lisbon, Portugal

We are pleased to announce the third edition of the Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes Workshop. After two successful previous editions, one online and one in-person, this year we continue with the in-person format. The workshop will be hosted by the Center for Astrophysics and Gravitation (CENTRA) at the Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, on 18-21 June 2024.
The aim of this workshop is once again to gather researchers from around the world who work on topics related to QFTCS, both in its mathematical conceptualization, and in its applications to cosmology, astrophysics and condensed matter systems. The main research lines we aim to cover in the workshop include:

QFT in black hole and cosmological spacetimes
Mathematical and conceptual foundations of QFTCS
Semiclassical Einstein equations and backreaction
Relativistic quantum information
Analogue gravity

Additionally, we would like to organize a discussion aimed at addressing the observational and experimental relevance of QFTCS: namely, what are the predictions from QFTCS which can be tested, either through astrophysical/cosmological observations, or in the experimental setups of analogue gravity. We encourage the participation of researchers from the astrophysics, cosmology and analogue gravity communities working on topics related to QFTCS.

Plenary speakers:
– Paul R. Anderson (Wake Forest University)
– Erik Curiel (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)
– Eleni-Alexandra Kountou (King’s College London)
– Jeff Steinhauer (Technion)

UPDATE: Courtesy of the Julian Schwinger Foundation for Physics Research, we are able to support up to ten (10) Phd students for travel and lodging. If you require support, write us a brief email (with a subject “Financial support request” and your name) explaining your circumstances. Furthermore, you should register and submit an abstract.

To be considered for support in a timely fashion, you should contact us before the 10th of April.

Deadline for abstract submission: 30th of April.
Deadline for registration: 31st of May

There is no registration fee.

The oral contributions are expected to last 15 minutes + questions, and we will also have a poster session.