Second Gravitational Wave Orchestra, Annecy, France

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Date:  2024-09-17  -  2024-09-19

Location:  Annecy, France

We are organizing the second edition of the “Gravitational Wave Orchestra” in Annecy, following a first event in Louvain-la-Neuve in September 2022.

The idea of this series of workshops is to bring together international experts on the stochastic gravitational background. This background is the gravitational signal created by the ensemble of all sources, from the earliest instants of the Universe, that are too distant or too faint to be detected individually. We can think of an orchestra in which each instrument plays its own melody, and together form a symphony.

This conference aims to highlight the most recent advances and discoveries in this rather specialized field, with an emphasis on theory and data analysis. The format, which leaves plenty of time for discussion, encourages exchange. We are also planning tutorial sessions on the data analysis methods used by the various gravitational wave collaborations, LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA, LISA, Pulsar Timing Arrays, and cosmic microwave background experiments.

Registration and Abstract submission: from March 18 until August 05

The Organizing Committee