Visiting Fellow (Postdoc) Positions, Mumbai, India

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Deadline:  2024-05-01

Location:  Mumbai, India

The Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics (DAA; at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai invites applications from qualified candidates for Visiting Fellow (post-doctoral) positions. The research interests pursued at DAA are diverse and include projects involving instrument-building (Infrared, X-Ray and; Radio), observational, theoretical, and computational efforts. The science topics pursued in the department include extrasolar planets, star and planet formation, interstellar medium, star clusters, stellar dynamics, resolved transients, fast radio bursts, gravitational waves (including science using InPTA, IPTA, LVK), seismology, Solar astrophysics, black holes, pulsars and accreting neutron stars, compact-object binaries, X-ray astronomy (including science from AstroSat data), cosmology, multi-messenger astronomy, and astronomical big data analysis using machine learning techniques.
This position allows the fellows to pursue their own research projects independently, although they are welcome to collaborate with any faculty in the department.

Qualification: At the time of joining, the candidate must have completed her/his Ph. D. (Successfully defended thesis).
Duration: The position is initially for 1 year with a possibility of extensions for up to 3 years upon satisfactory performance. Continuation beyond 3 years to a maximum of 5 years may also be possible in exceptional cases subject to the requirements of the project(s) and outstanding performance in a detailed review in the 3rd year.

Benefits: In addition to a competitive salary, the position comes with a competitive research contingency grant, health benefits, and accommodation assistance (accommodation on campus as per availability, or Housing Rent Allowance).

Deadline for application: May 01, 2024

Application procedure:
The application should include a
– cover letter,
– research proposal (should include past research expertise, future research plans at TIFR),
– CV,
– publication list including ORCID ID and a link to the applicant’s ADS listing,
– names and contact information of three referees.

Interested applicants should collate all material into a single PDF and send it to chairdaa[AT] and cc to daapostdoc[AT] If the interested applicant already has a specific faculty in mind for collaboration, it is alright to contact that faculty as well, but a formal application must be sent to the above-mentioned email(s) to be considered for these positions.