British Isles Graduate Workshop: Mathematical General Relativity, Coalport, UK

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Date:  2024-07-08  -  2024-07-12

Location:  Coalport , UK

The fifth installment of the British Isles Graduate Workshop will focus on Mathematical General Relativity. It is targeted at PhD students and postdocs but is open for application from all. The goal is for junior researchers to work together with experienced mentors for a week somewhere in a non-university environment.
The format of the workshop is that three mentors propose three topics, split into six talks each. Mentors prepare an outline for a series of 5 (introductory) talks with references for each topic, and participants prepare the talks following the mentor guidelines and present them during the workshop to the rest of their peers. The topic is concluded by a more advanced or “lookout” talk by the mentor.

The topics for the workshop will be:
1) Singularity theorems in low regularity (by Melanie Graf)
2) Notions of mass in General Relativity (by Stephen McCormick)
3) TBC

he mentors for BIGW V are

Melanie Graf, Professor at the University of Hamburg
Stephen McCormick, Senior Lecturer at Lulea University of Technology
Zoe Wyatt, Assistant Professor at Cambridge University