eXtreme Matter in eXtreme Star 2024, Leiden, The Netherlands

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Date:  2024-09-23  -  2024-09-27

Location:  Leiden, The Netherlands

We are delighted to announce the workshop “eXtreme Matter in eXtreme Star 2024” to be held at the Lorentz Center (Leiden, Netherlands) from September 23rd to 27th, 2024.

The goal of the workshop is to gather experts in the various disciplines related to the physics of neutron star interiors, i.e., nuclear physicists, gravitational waves astrophysicists, neutron star observers and theorists. The workshop will be centered around the preparation of a community-driven white paper that focuses on the current and future probes of dense matter (experimental, astrophysical, and theoretical) that would inform neutron star science, as well as how the communities can move forward together.

The workshop will be composed of a few review presentations by key participants, some “pop-up talks” that will be planned during the workshop, and of discussion/breakout sessions for the planning of the white paper.

Some practical information:
– The current deadline to register is June 16th.
– Maximum attendance is 55 people (limited by the room size). A selection of the participants will be made by the organisers to ensure a balanced representation of research themes, gender, diversity and career-level.
– Some funding is available to help cover travel and/or accommodation costs, especially for young researchers.

For more practical information, please email extremematter [AT] lorentzcenter.nl.
For scientific questions (program, etc.), please email the scientific organisers (see workshop webpage).

We are looking forward to your registration, and to a very promising workshop.

Best regards,

The XMXS 2024 Organisers
(Sebastien, Dave, Samaya, Bruno and Ingo)