Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology – VARCOSMOFUN’16, Szczecin, Poland (3rd announcement)

Dear Colleagues,

We have extended the deadline to submit an abstract to our conference

“Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology” – VARCOSMOFUN’16
(September 12 – 17, 2016, Szczecin, Poland)

to July 15, 2016.

The topics of the conference are:

Special topic: Varying constants – theory, laboratory experiments, astronomical observations.
Further topics: Modified gravity, Quantum cosmology, Quantum entanglement, Multiverse, Anthropic principle, Dark matter – theory and experiment, Dark energy – theory and observations, Inflation and large-scale structure, Early Universe, Gravitational waves, Cosmic Microwave Background

More information is available on our website:

Yours faithfully,
Mariusz P. Dabrowski
(Organizing Committee chair)

Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology VARCOSMOFUN’16, Szczecin, Poland

Dear Collegues,

We invite you to take part in the conference “Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology” which will take place in Szczecin, Poland from 12th to 17th of September 2016. This is the fourth of fundamental cosmology conferences organized by the Cosmology Group, University of Szczecin (after Cosmofun’2005, Grasscosmofun’09, Multicosmofun’12).

The task of the conference is to bring together specialists dealing with the problem of varying (dynamical) physical constants, fundamental cosmology (alternative gravities, superstring, brane, etc.) and multiverse who want to exchange the current ideas in these topics. The program of the conference will contain 5 plenary morning sessions and 4 afternoon parallel sessions. The last day of the conference will be devoted to philosophical aspects of variability of the physical constants and the frontiers of physics and cosmology. There will also be a poster session if the number of abstracts is above our talk time capabilities. The oral presentations will be selected by the sessions conveners in collaboration with the Organizing Committee.

Invited speakers:

Brett Altschul, University of South Carolina, USA (TBC)
John D. Barrow, Univ. Cambridge, UK
Julian Berengut, University of New South Wales, Australia
Brandon Carter, LuTh, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, Paris
Paul C.W. Davies, Arizona State Univ., USA
Michael Duff, Imperial College, London, UK
Victor Flambaum, University of New South Wales, Australia
Michael Heller, Vatican Astronomical Observatory
Sabine Hossenfelder, Stockholm University, Sweden (TBC)
Joao Magueijo, Imperial College, London, UK
Carlos J.A.P. Martins, Univ. Porto, Portugal
John Moffat, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada
Wim Ubachs, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thomas Udem, Max-Planck Institut fuer Quantenoptik, Garching, Germany
Jean-Philippe Uzan, IAP, Paris, France
Gabriele Veneziano, College de France (TBC)
John Webb, Univ. New South Wales, Australia

Topics – parallel sessions: I. Varying constants – theory; II. Varying constants – laboratory experiments; III. Varying constants – astronomical observations; IV. Quantum gravity and cosmology; V. Many-world interpretation. Quantum entanglement; VI. Superstring landscape. Multiverse; VII. Modifications of gravity; VIII. Dark matter – theory; IX. Dark matter – experiment; X. Dark energy – theory; XI. Dark energy – observations; XII. Inflation and large-scale structure; XIII. Early universe; XIV. Gravitational waves; XV. Cosmic microwave background; XVI. Future challenges and experiments.

Looking forward to seeing you in Szczecin.

With compliments,

Mariusz P. Dabrowski (Organizing Committee chair)