The Third Zeldovich meeting, Minsk, Belarus (2nd announcement)

This is a second announcement of the 3rd Zeldovich Meeting in Minsk, Belarus.

The online registration for the 3rd Zeldovich meeting to be held in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in Minsk, Belarus on April 23-27, 2018 has been started. Participants should register at with the deadline of 31st of March 2018 and submit titles and abstracts of their talks.

The registration fee is 200 euro for professors and 50 euro for students. It has to be paid in cash during the conference. It includes welcome cocktail, conference dinner, coffee/tee and refreshments during breaks, conference set (bag with the poster, program and badge) and a copy of conference proceedings.
The list of confirmed invited speakers with their talks includes:

Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan – Strong shock in a uniformly expanding universe
Valery Chechetkin – Asymmetric nucleosynthesis
Artur Chernin – Dark energy in Zeldovich Local Pancake
Evgeny Derishev – Radiation-mediated shocks
Andrey Doroshkevich – TBD
Gyula Fodor – Localized objects formed by self trapped gravitational waves (geons)
Vladimir Fortov – TBD
Sang Pyo Kim – Strong QED phenomena in astrophysics
Noam Libeskind – TBD
Vladimir Lipunov – The Discovery of gravitational waves: prediction and observation
Manuel Malheiro – TBD
Agnieszka Pollo – How luminous galaxies trace the dark Universe
Alexei Pozanenko – Observations of GRB 1170817A associated with LIGO/Virgo GW170817 in gamma-rays, optic and radio, and the model of prompt gamma-ray emission
Istvan Racz – TBD
Jorge Rueda – Latest news on the induced gravitational collapse scenario of long gamma-ray bursts
Remo Ruffini – Gamma-ray Bursts
Narek Sahakyan – TBD
Nikolai Shakura – Ya. B. Zeldovich and background of the accretion processes theory in the Universe
Alexei Starobinsky – TBD
Lev Titarchuk – Comptonization Problem and Its solution in Application to the Spectra of the Neutron Star and Black Hole Source
Oleg Zaslavski – Ultra-high energy particle collisions near black holes and singularities and super-Penrose process

The Third Zeldovich meeting, Minsk, Belarus

The Third Zeldovich meeting

An international conference in honor of Ya. B. Zeldovich in Minsk.

First announcement

International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network (ICRANet) together with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus organize an international conference to be held in Minsk, Belarus in April 23-27, 2018. Participation from neighboring countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine as well as from Balkan countries, Eastern and Western Europe and the Americas is expected. Exceptionally wide research interests of Ya. B. Zeldovich ranging from chemical physics, elementary particle and nuclear physics to astrophysics and cosmology provide the topics to be covered at the conference:
Early cosmology, large scale structure, cosmic microwave background; Neutron stars, black holes, gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, hypernovae; Ultra high energy particles; Gravitational waves.

Many lectors at the conference will be the members of the world-famous scientific school in astrophysics and cosmology, founded by Ya. B. Zeldovich, who now became leading scientists in these fields in many countries worldwide including Germany, Italy, USA and Russia.

This conference will follow a very successful international conferences in honor of Ya. B. Zeldovich, held in Minsk in 2009 and in 2014.