2009 IOP Gravitational Physics Group Thesis Prize

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The 2009 IOP Gravitational Physics Group Thesis Prize will be made for excellence in postgraduate research and communication skills in gravitational physics. All members of the IOP Gravitational Physics Group who passed their PhD viva voce exam between 30 September 2007 and 1 October 2008 are entitled to enter the competition. This year’s competition has been kindly sponsored by Classical and Quantum Gravity and the prize amount will be confirmed over the coming months. The closing date for nominations is 31 October 2009.

Please note that anyone (student or otherwise) can nominate a candidate (including the candidate themselves).

Furthemore, please note that the student’s external PhD examiner must be willing to comment on the student’s research, quality of the student’s thesis and the student’s ability to cogently communicate their work (evidenced by their viva performance and/or seminars). Students are advised to consult their external examiner before entering the competition.

For further information please click on the “Group award” tab on our web page http://www.iop.org/activity/groups/subject/gp/index.html , and click on “Call for nominations 2009”.

Yours faithfully,
David Burton (Hon. Sec. IOP Gravitational Physics Group) on behalf of the IOP Gravitational Physics Group Committee