Award of the Daniel Chalonge Medal 2009

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The Daniel Chalonge Medal 2009 has been awarded to

Professor Peter BIERMANN

The International School of Astrophysics “Daniel Chalonge” has awarded the Daniel Chalonge Medal 2009 to Professor Peter Biermann from the MPI for Radioastronomie of Bonn (D) and University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa (USA).

The medal was awarded to Peter Biermann for his pioneering, impressive and multiple contributions to astrophysics (as for example high energy particle acceleration, cosmic rays, galactic nuclei and black holes), and for his support and outstanding contributions to the Chalonge School. In particular, Peter Biermann is involved in astrophysical dark matter research in the standard model of the universe, one of the most discussed topics in the Chalonge School.

The medal was presented to Peter Biermann on July 25, 2009 during the sessions of the 13th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2009 at the Observatoire de Paris HQ (historic Perrault building) in the Cassini Hall, on the meridian of Paris, which was attended by about hundred participants from the world over, among them three Chalonge Medals.

Peter Biermann is at the heart of the programs and life of the School, promoting fruitful discussions and work with the participants and supporting the origin and development of new ideas and projects.

The Chalonge Medal, coined exclusively for the Chalonge School by the prestigious Hotel de la Monnaie de Paris (the French Mint), is a totally surprise award and only seven Chalonge medals have been awarded in the 18 year school history.

Science with great intellectual endeavour and a human face. True and healthy science. Outstanding gentleperson scientists. Scientists recipients of the Daniel Chalonge Medal are Ambassadors of the School.

The list of the awarded Chalonge Medals is the following:

1991:Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, Nobel prize of physics.
1992: Bruno Pontecorvo.
2006: George Smoot, Nobel prize of physics.
2007: Carlos Frenk.
2008: Anthony Lasenby.
2008: Bernard Sadoulet.
2009: Peter Biermann.

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