GR19: Scientific Program

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Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

We wish to share our excitement about the scientific program for next summer’s 19th international conference on general relativity and gravitation, to be held in Mexico City July 5-9, 2010.   The conference will cover the full spectrum of gravitational physics from gravity wave detectors and data analysis to relativistic astrophysics, cosmology, numerical GR, mathematical GR, and quantum gravity, as indicated by the broad array of plenary speakers and parallel sessions described below. This information is also available on GR19 website at .  A few additional speakers will be added in late 2009.

The current plenary speakers are listed below, as are the parallel sessions and chairs.  This information is also available on GR19 website at .  A few additional speakers will be added in late 2009.

For the moment, I hope that you will plan to join us in Mexico City and that you will mark these dates on your calendar.  The website will begin taking abstract submissions later this fall.

Donald Marolf, SOC chair
on behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee

Plenary Speakers:

Patrick Brady
Mihalis Dafermos
Andrea Ghez
Gary Horowitz
Veronika Hubeny
David McClelland
Slava Mukhanov
Frans Pretorius
Carlo Rovelli
Tarun Souradeep
Ingrid Stairs
Rai Weiss

Expected List of Parallel Sessions:

A1 Exact Solutions and their Interpretation
Chair: Harvey Reall

A2 Mathematical Relativity and Other Progress in Classical Gravity Theory
Chair: Sergio Dain

A3 Modified Gravity Theories
Chair: To Be Announced

B1 Relativistic Astrophysics
Chair: Tsvi Piran

B2 Numerical Relativity and Astrophysical Applications
Chair: Manuela Campanelli

B3 Analytic Approximations and Perturbation Methods and their Applications
Chair: Alessandra Buonanno

B4 Physical Cosmology and Gravitational Lensing
Chair: Buvnesh Jain

B5 Theoretical/Mathematical Cosmology
Chair: Robert Brandenberger

C1 Current ground-based GW detectors: Experiments
Chair: Seiji Kawamura

C2 Ground-based GW detectors: Data analysis and techniques
Chair: Marie Anne Bizouard

C3 Advanced ground-based GW detectors (R&D for and science from)
Chair: Nergis Mavalvala

C4 Space-based GW detectors: Theory and experiment
Chair: Stefano Vitale

C5 Experimental gravitation
Chair: Eric Adelberger

D1 Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin Foams
Chair: Alejandro Corichi

D2 Strings, branes and M-theory
Chair: (to be announced)

D3 Causal sets, Causal dynamical triangulations, Non-commutative geometry, and other approaches to quantum gravity
Chair: Fay Dowker

D4 Quantum fields in curved space-time, semiclassical gravity, quantum gravity phenomenology, and analog models
Chair: Bill Unruh