Quantum Gravity summer school

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Location:  Morelia, Mexico

Summer School First Announcement: Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) on Quantum Gravity

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a Quantum Gravity summer school (Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute on Quantum Gravity) to be hosted by the Institute for Mathematics of the National Autonomous University Of Mexico (UNAM) in Morelia, Mexico, June 23-July 3, 2010. Lectures at the school will describe current research in several approaches to quantum gravity, including string theory, loop gravity, causal sets, and causal dynamical triangulations. Lectures will be appropriate for advanced Ph.D students and beginning postdocs. The goal of the school is to bring together researchers from these different approaches from throughout the americas.  A website has just been set up at http://www.physics.ucsb.edu/~pasi/  and will be updated with more information, a list of speakers, application forms, etc. during the fall.

Please distribute this announcement to interested students and postdocs.

Important Dates:
We expect to set a Jan. 31 deadline for applications to the school. Application forms, financial aid forms, etc. will be posted on this website later in fall 2009.

Logistics and Funding:
The location and timing of our school have been chosen to synergize with the 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR19), to be held July 5-9, 2010 in Mexico City  (see http://www.gr19.com/). We have funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation to support travel and local expenses for participants from throughout the americas. The organizers expect to be able to cover all local expenses of the participants as well as to provide significant travel support. Nevertheless, we urge the student’s home institutions to support the students to the maximum possible extent as this will increase the number of students who can participate in our school.

We look forward to an exciting school!


Donald Marolf
Alejandro Corichi
Abhay Ashtekar
Maximo Banados