Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone V

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Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Preliminary Announcement

Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone V,
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
28-31 July, 2010

The fifth meeting of the Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone series will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 28 – 31, 2010. The purpose of the meeting is to gather world specialists on quantum gravity, geometry, string theory and field theory, and scientists and students from the southern region of Latin America. Previous meetings in the series took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay in 2007, Valdivia, Chile in 2002, Bariloche, Argentina in 1998 and Punta del Este, Uruguay in 1996.

There will be a series of talks by invited speakers and also short communications by the participants, with ample time for discussions. A preliminary list of speakers includes:

• Abhay Ashtekar (PennState),
• Nathan Berkovits (Sao Paulo)
• Henriette Elvang (Michigan)
• Sebastián Franco (KAVLI),
• Rodolfo Gambini (U. de la República, Uruguay)
• Steve Giddings (UC, Santa Barbara) *
• Mariana Graña (Saclay) *
• Tom Hartman (Harvard),
• Sean Hartnoll (Harvard),
• Diego Hofman (Harvard)
• Martin Kruczenski (Purdue),
• Juan Maldacena (IAS Princeton),
• Carlos Núñez (Swansea)
• Joe Polchinski (UC, Santa Barbara)
• Rafael Porto (UC, Santa Barbara),
• Jorge Pullin (Louisiana State),
• Fernando Quevedo (ASICTP, Trieste) *
• Seif Randjbar Daemi (ASICTP, Trieste) *
• Fabio Rocha (Princeton)
• Jorge Russo (Barcelona)*
• Thomas Thiemman (Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.) *
• George Thompson (ASICTP, Trieste)
• Jorge Zanelli (CECS, Valdivia, Chile)

Local organizers: Gerardo Aldazabal, Gustavo Dotti, José Edelstein, Gastón Giribet, Nicolás Grandi, Carmen Núñez, Martin Schvellinger , Guillermo Silva

A first circular and call for contributed abstracts and registration will be coming out in March.