Solitons, Instantons and Twistors, M. Dunajski (book)

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Solitons, Instantons and Twistors, M. Dunajski (2009),
Oxford University Press

1: Integrability in classical mechanics
2: Soliton equations and the Inverse Scattering Transform
3: The Hamiltonian formalism and the zero-curvature representation
4: Lie symmetries and reductions
5: The Lagrangian formalism and field theory
6: Gauge field theory
7: Integrability of ASDYM and twistor theory
8: Symmetry reductions and the integrable chiral model
9: Gravitational instantons
10: Anti-self-dual conformal structures
Appendix A: Manifolds and Topology
Appendix B: Complex analysis
Appendix C: Overdetermined PDEs