Long-term Workshop on Gravity and Cosmology (GC2010)

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Location:  Kyoto, Japan

First circular of a long-term workshop on `Gravity and Cosmology’ (GC2010).

About GC2010 workshop

The aim of this workshop is parallel to YKIS2010, but with a strong emphasis on stimulating informal and intensive discussions among the participants and initiating possible collaborations. Every participant is asked to interact actively with the others.

We plan to arrange 3-4 seminars per week, and to have a one-day or two-day mini-workshop during the program. Participants are encouraged to organize additional informal seminars by themselves.

Due to the limited capacity of office space, we have to restrict the number of participants to about 20 at a time. We apologize in case we are unable to accept your application.

Financial support

For YKIS2010 Symposium, limited amount of financial support may be available. Please contact LOC by e-mail.

Accommodation and logistics

Information of accommodation and logistics are given at the conference website.

Local Organizing Committee (Kyoto University)

Shunichiro Kinoshita, Norichika Sago, Misao Sasaki (chair), Tetsuya Shiromizu, Jiro Soda, Takahiro Tanaka (scientific secretary)

Scientific Organizing Committee

Nathalie Deruelle (APC, France), Georgi Dvali (NYU, USA), Renata Kallosh (Stanford, USA), Hideo Kodama (KEK), Andrei Linde (Stanford, USA), David H. Lyth (Lancaster, UK), Viatcheslav Mukhanov (Munich, Germany), Takashi Nakamura (Kyoto), Valery Rubakov (INR, Russia), Masaru Shibata (YITP), Jiro Soda (Kyoto), Ewan D. Stewart (KAIST), Naoshi Sugiyama (Nagoya), Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts, USA), Masahiro Yamaguchi (Tohoku), Jun’ichi Yokoyama (RESCEU), Jiro Soda (Kyoto), Takahiro Tanaka* (YITP), Misao Sasaki** (YITP)

** Chair, * Scientific Secretary

Contact address

FAX: +81-75-753-7071
Email: gc2010[AT]yukawa.kyoto-u.ac.jp