Gravity Research Foundation Awards for Essays, 2011

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The trustees are pleased to announce the Awards for Essays for 2011.

1. $4,000 – Stimulated Creation of Quanta during Inflation and the Observable Universe by Ivan Agullo (1) and Leonard Parker (2), (1) Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos, Physics Department, Penn State, University Park, PA 16802-6300, (2) Physics Department, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201; e-mail: agullo[at] leonard[at]

2. $1,250 – Relative Locality: A Deepening of the Relativity Principle by Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (1), Laurent Freidel (2), Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman (3), and Lee Smolin2, (1) Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita’ “La Sapienza” and Sez. Roma1 INFN P. le A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma, Italy, (2) Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics , 31 Caroline Street North, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2Y5, Canada, (3) Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, Pl. Maxa Borna 9, 50-204 Wroclaw, Poland; e-mail: amelino[at] lfreidel[at] jkowalskiglikman[at] lsmolin[at]

3. $1,000 – The Value of the Cosmological Constant by John D. Barrow and Douglas J. Shaw, DAMTP, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University, Cambridge CB3 0WA, United Kingdom; e-mail: J.D.Barrow[at] D.Shaw[at]

4. $750 – Losing Information outside the Horizon by Samir D. Mathur, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH, 43210; e-mail: mathur[at]

5. $500 – Quantum Gravity and Dark Matter by Chiu Man Ho (1), Djordje Minic (2), and Y. Jack Ng (3), (1) Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235, (2) Department of Physics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061, (3) Institute of Field Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599; e-mail: chiuman.ho[at] dminic[at] yjng[at]

Selected for Honorable Mention this year were (listed in alphabetical order) Olga V. Babourova and Boris N. Frolov; B. J. Carr and A. A. Coley; Naresh Dadhich; Scott Dodelson; Chris Done; Arthur E. Fischer; Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin, and Saeed Rastgoo; Daniel Grumiller and Florian Preis; E. I. Guendelman; L Herrera; Shahar Hod; L. P. Horwitz, A. Yahalom, M. Lewkowicz, and J. Levitan; Ali Kaya; H. Kleinert; Kazuya Koyama, Gustavo Niz, and Gianmassimo Tasinato; Ishwaree P. Neupane; Julio Oliva and Sourya Ray; T. Padmanabhan; Giandomenico Palumbo; Antonio Enea Romano and Pisin Chen; Gustavo E. Romero and Daniela Perez; M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari; C. Sivaram; N. C. Tsamis and R. P. Woodard; C. S. Unnikrishnan and G. T. Gillies.

This announcement and abstracts of award-winning and honorable mention essays will be posted when ready on our web site, The five award-winning essays will be published in the Journal of General Relativity and Gravitation (GRG) and subsequently, in a special issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics D (IJMPD). They will also be posted at a later date on our web site.

Roger W. Babson, Founder
George M. Rideout, Jr., President

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