Gravitation and cosmology session at QQQ 2012 conference in Tallinn, Estonia

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Location:  Tallinn, Estonia

This is the first announcement of the topical session “Gravitation and cosmology” to be held on 10-14 July 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia in the framework of the conference “3Q: Algebra, Geometry, Information”.

The topics of the session include but are not limited to:
– mathematical aspects of classical general relativity theory and its modifications,
– quantum properties of the gravitational interaction,
– cosmological models in modified theories of gravity and their observational consequences.

The session is dedicated to the centenary of Professor Harald Keres (1912-2010) who initiated studies in general relativity in Estonia. The Tallinn conference is a satellite meeting to MG13, the Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, held on 1-7 July 2012 in Stockholm, conveniently just across the Baltic sea.

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