Workshop on Gravitational Wave Bursts in Tobermory, Scotland, UK

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Location:  Tobermory, Scotland, UK

We are pleased to announce the second workshop on Gravitational Wave Bursts (GWbursts). The workshop will take place in Scotland during May 28-30, 2012. Following the spirit of the first  GWbursts meeting ( in Chichen-Itza, Mexico in 2009, for this workshop we have selected the small fishing port of Tobermory, in the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland ( GWbursts workshops aim at bringing together in a remote and inspiring location lead scientists in astrophysics, data analysis and numerical relativity to discuss, analyze and explore innovative views on the Transient Gravitational Wave Universe.

The workshop will focus on:

• Astrophysics behind GWburst sources (e.g. stellar core collapse, gamma-ray bursts, cosmic strings, compact object mergers, isolated neutron stars) and their connection with electromagnetic and neutrino observations.
• Challenges to numerically model transient sources and the required accuracy of simulations.
• Data analysis methodologies to detect and characterize GWbursts.
• Gravitational wave antennas and their capabilities.
• Detection of unknown GWburst sources.

The workshop will be limited to 60 participants and will emphasize discussion over presentations. To be considered, please follow this link — — and submit an application. The deadline to apply is February 17, 2012. Decisions will be announced shortly after. More details can be found at

the Scientific Organizing Committee

• Laura Cadonati (U. Mass-Amherst)
• Ik Siong Heng (Glasgow)
• Christian Ott (Caltech)
• Pablo Laguna (Georgia Tech) – Chair
• Rosalba Perna (Colorado)
• Szabi Marka (Columbia)
• Deirdre Shoemaker (Georgia Tech)