Einstein Toolkit New Users Workshop in Atlanta

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Location:  Atlanta, GA, USA

The Einstein Toolkit (http://einsteintoolkit.org) will host its spring workshop 2012 following the April APS meeting in Atlanta, GA, from Tuesday, April 3rd, 4pm to Friday April 6th, noon at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

This workshop is targeted at new and potential new users of the relativity infrastructure. It will provide a general introductions into numerical relativity (although some previous knowledge would be beneficial) and in code development within large collaborations. Hands-on sessions will help to familiarize attendees with the Einstein Toolkit. Participants are asked to bring their own laptops. We would like to invite especially students from physics and computer science to participate.

The number of attendees is limited, and while registration is free, it is required. We anticipate to be able to support a small number of participants financially, by covering parts/all of their travel, hotel and meal cost. Preference will be given to students.

In order register, write an email to workshop[AT]einsteintoolkit.org and specify:

* your name, affiliation and title
* your estimated arrival and departure time/date
* whether you apply for support (and if so, state if you are undergraduate / graduate student / postdoc
* your special needs

Detailed workshop information can be found at

The Einstein Toolkit Consortium.