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Location: Uzhgorod (Ungvár), Ukraine

International Conference on Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Physics and Mathematics, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

8-th Bolyai-Gauss-Lobachevsky Conference

Uzhgorod, UKRAINE
22- 25 May 2012

BGL, after the names (alphabetically!) of the founders of the Non-Euclidean geometry, is a series of biannual international conferences, held in various places of Central and Eastern Europe (for history see, e.g.: The subject of the Conferences includes mathematics, physics and history of science. The conferences are bringing together scientists from East and West. The conferences have also certain Mitteleuropaeisch flavor, dominated by Bolyai’s and Lobachevski’s co-patriots. Co-patriots of Karl Friedrich Gauss are welcome in Uzhgorod at BGL-8.