Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop in Hawaii

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Location:  Hawaii, USA

Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop
May 13-19, 2012
Waikoloa Marriott Resort, Hawaii

Gravitational Wave Detectors for 2015, 2020, and 2025

The last decade has produced pioneering demonstrations of the technologies to observe astrophysical gravitational waves across the frequency band from kilohertz to nanohertz. Advanced interferometric detectors (Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo, KAGRA, and GEO-HF) are now under construction, and within a few years may yield their first observations. The LISA Pathfinder mission is nearing launch and will provide momentum for a full-scale gravitational wave observation mission. The international pulsar timing effort is steadily marching toward its targets. With these foundations in place, it is time to push the developments that will take the field of gravitational waves astrophysics into the current and next decades. This workshop will address techniques that can be implemented to enhance the detectors currently under construction, as well as new detectors that may be proposed. New ideas to reduce noise, improve robustness, and extend the frequency spectrum of observation will be discussed along with progress on long-term ongoing developments.