Thirteenth Marcel Grossman Meeting (MG13) in Stockholm (6th circ.)

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Location:  Stockholm, Sweden

The proceedings will be published as usual by World Scientific. However, the plenary session written contributions together with the chair selected rapporteur reports (both nominally up to 20 pages) will be published in early 2013 in the journal IJMPD (submission deadline of December 31, 2012). The remaining parallel session contributions up to 5 pages in the normal proceedings and poster contributions up to 2 pages (submission deadline of February 28, 2013) will be published together with the previously described contributions as usual as a three volume set by World Scientific.

On Saturday July 7 at the International Conference on High Energy Physics in Melbourne, Australia the CERN scientists will announce their possible discovery of the Higgs particle, until which time news on this topic will be restricted. However, thanks to the time difference between Melbourne and Stockholm, just after the announcement in Melbourne, a special presentation will be made in the Saturday morning MG13 plenary session by two scientists, one from each of the two experimental groups involved, followed by a talk about the theoretical implications of the findings by Luciano Maiani.  The plenary program is available on-line.

During the month of June parallel session chairs will prepare the final program of their sessions. Contact the appropriate chairperson with any questions that arise; their emails are on the conference website. Any abstracts remaining to be submitted should be uploaded as soon as possible to receive consideration by the chairperson. The final parallel session program will be published in late June.