Minkowski Institute Press and Minkowski’s papers on relativity

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Dear Colleagues,

This message is to inform you of the launching of a new academic publisher – the Minkowski Institute Press (MIP):


MIP’s first book is: “Hermann Minkowski, Space and Time: Minkowski’s papers on relativity” (Minkowski Institute Press, Montreal 2012), 123 pages.

Minkowski’s three papers have never been published together either in German or English and Das Relativitätsprinzip has not been translated into English so far. More information about the book is available at: http://minkowskiinstitute.org/mip/books/minkowski.html

Its free version is also available there as well as in Apple’s iBookstore:


MIP will publish textbooks (and lecture notes), monographs, and introductory science and technology books for a wider audience. All books will be ebooks, but print on demand is available; we have received advanced orders for the first book and a week ago the first 110 softcover copies were printed, half of which are now already sold.

Four distinct features of MIP are:

(i) offering books at affordable prices as a means to reach more readers all over the world,
(ii) authors receive 20-25% royalties based on the ebook price (royalties options are given in the publishing agreement the authors sign),
(iii) rapid publication; once a book is accepted (after a reasonable review period) and the submitted manuscript is in LaTeX, MIP will try to publish the ebook within a month.
(iv) most of the profit will be one of the steady sources of funding of a new institute (http://minkowskiinstitute.org/); so publishing with MIP will support the Minkowski Institute.

If you would like to receive the MIP Newsletter (announcing new publications), send a blank email to info[AT]minkowskiinstitute.org.

Best wishes,

Vesselin Petkov
Institute for Foundational Studies “Hermann Minkowski”
Montreal, Quebec, Canada