IC-MSQUARE 2013, Prague, Czech Republic

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Date:  2013-09-01  -  2013-09-05

Location:  Prague, Czech Republic

Dear colleague,
It is our pleasure to circulate the announcement of the 2nd International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences, IC-MSQUARE 2013 (http://www.icmsquare.net ). The conference is to be held at Prague, Czech Republic during September 1-5, 2013. Professor Athanasios S. Fokas will be the keynote speaker of the IC-MSQUARE 2013. The conference aims to promote the knowledge and the development of high-quality research in mathematical fields that have to do with the applications of other scientific fields and the modern technological trends that appear in them, these fields being those of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Economics, Sociology, Environmental sciences etc.