Neutron Stars: nuclear physics, astronomy and gravitational waves, Guildford, UK

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Date:  2013-07-29  -  2013-07-30

Location:  University of Surrey, UK

We are pleased to announce the workshop “Neutron Stars: nuclear physics, astronomy and gravitational waves”, that will take place at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Surrey on 29-30 July 2013. Taking advantage of a multi-disciplinary environment, we plan to identify key issues in compact star physics and develop strategies to make the most of the new generation of astronomical observatories, gravitational wave detectors and nuclear experiments.

The workshop will have approximately 60 participants. There will be a series of long review talks by 6 experts on different fields:

– Prof. Mark Alford, Washington University in St Louis, USA
– Prof. Nils Andersson, University of Southampton, UK
– Prof. Pawel Danielewicz, Michigan State University and National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, USA
– Dr. Benjamin Stappers, University of Manchester, UK
– Prof. Nikolaos Stergioulas, University of Thessalonika, Greece
– Dr. Patrick Sutton, University of Cardiff, UK

We invite contributions on topics related to neutron star and compact object physics in their widest sense. Abstracts for talks and posters can now be submitted through the website of the Institute of Advanced Studies:

Young researchers are especially encouraged to apply. Due to the limited number of places available, participants will be asked to register online further into the year, once the submitted abstracts have been processed.

On-campus accommodation has been arranged for most participants and reservations will be arranged during registration. There will be a main dinner event on the evening of the 29th. Guildford is 30 minutes southwest of London by train. It has direct connections to Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Stansted and Luton airports can be reached via London.

Further information can be found at the workshop’s website, which will be updated regularly. We apologize in advance if your receive this announcement from more than one source.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Guildford this summer,

Arnau Rios
Ian Jones
Paul Stevenson