Workshop on Collapsing Objects, Shangai, China

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Date:  2013-10-21  -  2013-10-24

Location:  Shanghai, China

Fudan University, Shangai, China
21-24 October 2013

During the gravitational collapse of a massive star, matter can reach extreme conditions, which are impossible to create in any laboratory on the Earth. In those cases in which nothing can stop the collapse, General Relativity predicts the formation of a spacetime singularity, where predictability is lost and standard physics breaks down. The study of collapsing objects is a fascinating area of research and can shed light on the behavior of matter at very high densities and of gravity in the strong field regime.

Main topics:
– Supernovae
– Gamma Ray Bursts
– Binary System Coalescences
– Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation, Neutrinos, and Gravitational Waves from Collapsing Objects
– Gravitational Collapse in General Relativity and in Alternative Theories of Gravity
– Cosmic Censorship Conjecture

Invited Speakers:
Manuela Campanelli* (RIT, US)
Vitor Cardoso (CENTRA/IST, Portugal)
Pankaj Joshi (Tata Institute, India)
Robert Mann* (Waterloo U & PI, Canada)
Peter Meszaros* (Penn State, US)
Ken’ichiro Nakazato (TUS, Japan)
Tsvi Piran* (Hebrew U, Israel)
Georg Raffelt* (MPP, Germany)
Luciano Rezzolla* (AEI, Germany)
* To be confirmed

Cosimo Bambi (Fudan, China), Chair
Lingyao Kong (Fudan, China)
Zilong Li (Fudan, China)
Daniele Malafarina (Fudan, China)