Loops 13, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo

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Date:  2013-07-22  -  2013-07-26

Location:  Waterloo, Canada

Loops is the core biannual conference of the quantum gravity community and focuses on current developments in loop quantum gravity and other background independent approaches to quantum gravity. These include causal dynamical triangulations, causal sets, emergent gravity, asymptotic safety and string theory. This year’s conference emphasizes the key recent results across the field and is meant to appeal to a broad range of theorists interested in diverse approaches to quantum gravity.

The program features morning plenary talks complemented by contributed talks. Those wishing to give contributed talks are urged to register at http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/conferences/loops-13 as early as possible. Some financial support will be available for PhD students, and postdocs who apply to give talks. The deadline to apply for financial support is Friday, April 12. Applications will be reviewed after the deadline and selected participants will be contacted if support is available.

The plenary talks give an exciting and diverse overview of the field and are listed on the webpage and poster. A few talks will be selected closer to the date to report on breaking developments. The conference program will also feature panel discussions and debates. Review sessions will be available to orient non-experts to the different approaches featured in the conference.

We very much hope that you will be able to take part in this exciting occasion and look forward to welcoming you this July in Waterloo!

The scientific organizing committee:

Bianca Dittrich
Laurent Freidel
Lee Smolin