New book: “Gauge Theories of Gravitation”, M. Blagojevic and F.W. Hehl (eds.)

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M. Blagojevic (Belgrade) and F.W. Hehl (Cologne and Columbia, MO), Editors,


Foreword by T.W.B. Kibble, FRS
Imperial College Press, London, April 2013

Part A The Rise of Gauge Theory of Gravity up to 1961
1. From Special to General Relativity Theory
2. Analyzing General Relativity Theory
3. A Fresh Start by Yang–Mills and Utiyama

Part B Poincar´e Gauge Theory
4. Einstein–Cartan(–Sciama–Kibble) Theory as Viable Gravit. Theory
5. General Structure of Poincare Gauge Theory (Including Quadratic Lagrangians)
6. Translational Gauge Theory
7. Fallacies About Torsion 259

Part C Extending the Gauge Group of Gravity
8. Poincare Group Plus Scale Transformations: Weyl–Cartan Gauge Theory of Gravity
9. From the Poincare to the Affine Group: Metric-Affine Gravity
10. Conformal Gauge Theory of Gravity
11. (Anti-)de Sitter Gauge Theory of Gravity
12. From the Square Root of Translations to the Super Poincare Group

Part D Specific Subjects of Metric-Affine Gravity and Poincare Gauge Theory
13. Hamiltonian Structure
14. Equations of Motion for Matter
15. Cosmological Models
16. Exact Solutions
17. Poincare Gauge Theory in Three Dimensions
18. Dislocations and Torsion
19. The Yang Episode: A Historical Case Study

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