School on Approaches to Quantum Gravity, Maresias, Brasil

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Date:  2013-09-02  -  2013-09-09

Location:  Sao Paulo, Brazil

The school on Approaches to Quantum Gravity ( will take place in Sao Paulo, Brasil from September 2 to 9, 2013. It will discuss several approaches to resolving the complications of quantum gravity which involve different communities of physicists. In addition to lectures by leaders of the different approaches, there will be daily discussion sessions on selected topics. The school is intended for advanced graduate students and researchers and will be followed by the Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone VI workshop in the Beach Hotel of Maresias from September 11-14. There will be financial assistance for participants from the region.


Abhay Ashtekar (IGC, Penn State) – The Very Early Universe
Juan Maldacena (IAS Princeton) – AdS-CFT
Alejandro Perez (CPT, AMU Marseille) – Loop Quantum Gravity
Martin Reuter (Mainz) – Asymptotic Safety
John Schwarz (Caltech) – String Theory
Rafael Sorkin (Perimeter) – Fundamentally Discrete Spacetime
Erik Verlinde (Amsterdam) – Entropic Gravity

Deadline for application: 30 June 2013