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Deadline: 2013-12-15
Location: Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Postdoctoral position in quantum gravity and/or theoretical cosmology, Louisiana State University

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The theoretical relativity group expects to have, contingent on funding opening(s) for a postdoctoral researcher(s) or senior postdoctoral researcher(s) working in quantum gravity and/or theoretical cosmology. The initial appointment will be for one year and is expected to be renewed for another one or two years subject to satisfactory progress and availability of funds.

The core relativity group at LSU consists of Ivan Agullo’, Steve Brandt, Frank Loeffler, Peter Diener, Jorge Pullin and Parampreet Singh. In addition to that, LSU hosts a strong experimental gravity group with activity in LIGO, whose Livingston site is 30 miles away from Baton Rouge. LSU is also host to the Center for Computation & Technology (CCT), a multidisciplinary research center which includes computational groups in several areas of science, engineering and the humanities. Several researchers in the relativity group have joint appointments at CCT.

The postdoctoral researcher or senior postdoctoral researcher will perform research on cosmology, quantum gravity and/or quantum field theory in curved space-time.

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