XIIth School of Cosmology: Structure Formation after Planck, Cargese

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Date:  2014-09-15  -  2014-09-20

Location:  Cargese (Corsica), France

Structure Formation after Planck: their impact in the study of galaxies and cosmology

The theme of the school is the formation of large scale structures after the results of the Planck mission. The aim of this school is, after an overview of the standard model containing the inflationary paradigm, to focus on alternatives. The model of inflation, although generally confirmed at phenomenological level with these new data, suffers from conceptual difficulties when we want to use it in the framework of a “realistic” theory (great unification theory string, for example). Indeed, as models at large field (Large Field Inflation) are now virtually eliminated, one has to consider models for which the potential of the inflation contains a plateau (Small Field Inflation) or several fields (Hybrid Inflation). And in the latter case, one must understand the reason why the non-local Gaussianity are so weak. Moreover, the “recent” history of the Universe, since the nucleosynthesis to the formation of structures, requires, so that the observations are consistent with the theory to introduce two ingredients not yet well understood (Dark Matter and Dark Energy).