Workshop: Fundamental Issues of the Standard Cosmological Model, Cargese

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Date:  2014-09-21  -  2014-09-27

Location:  Cargese (Corsica), France

The Planck Satellite measurement have increased the accuracy of cosmological observations to a level which allows to constrain cosmological models with unprecedented precision. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the implications of these recent results combined with other (i.e. Planck, but also WMAP, galaxy surveys, SNIa data…) on models that aim at describing the primordial epochs and the origin and formation of large scale structures of the Universe.

The standard model of cosmology, including a phase of early inflation, provides a very effective phenomenological approach to account for observations. It can however be argued to require clarifications at the fundamental level. One way to do that is by considering alternatives and deriving their consequences. This will lead either to either reaffirm the current inflationary paradigm on more solid theoretical foundations, or to introduce a new one (or both!).

During the workshop, we aim at having a broad range of talks on the topics covered, also scheduling ample time for discussions and scientific exchanges. The programme will include a few selected talks per day, in addition to specific introductions on the relevant topics by members of the committees.