Workshop on Binary Neutron Star Mergers, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Date:  2015-05-27  -  2015-05-29

Location:  Thessaloniki, Greece


The summer of 2015 will mark the onset of the first science run of 2nd-generation interferometric gravitational wave detectors and over the next years several such detectors will form a world-wide network. The most promising sources of gravitational waves for these instruments are mergers of compact binaries. In particular, the coalescences of binary neutron star systems are considered to be the most probable events. Through gravitational wave observations, the equation of state of high-density matter is expected to be significantly constrained. But the merger events also include a rich phenomenology, such as r-process nucleosynthesis, magnetohydrodynamic processes and high-energy emission. Ultimately, merger events will be an ideal target for multi-messenger astronomy.

The workshop will bring together experts from various fields that are relevant to the astrophysics of binary neutron star mergers, in order to foster interaction and a better understanding of the phenomenology. The presentation and discussion of the latest research results will allow for setting up new observational strategies and for devising new methods for arriving at observational constraints. We encourage the participation of young researchers and for this reason several talks will give a concise overview of particular aspects of binary neutron star astrophysics.

The interdisciplinary character of the meeting is reflected in the list of invited review speakers:

S. Bose (Washington State)
J. Friedman (Milwaukee)
T. Janka (MPA Garching)
K. Kokkotas (Tuebingen)
J. Lattimer (Stony Brook)
B. Metzger (Columbia)
S. Reddy (Seattle)
L. Rezzolla (Frankfurt)
B. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff)
M. Shibata (Kyoto)

During the workshop, a working group meeting in the framework of the ERC COST action “NewCompStar” will take place (further details on the working group meeting will be announced through the NewCompStar mailing list).

The workshop will take place in the new building of the “Research Dissemination Center” at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki the largest university in Greece. The campus is located in the heart of the city.

A number of rooms at selected hotels have been reserved at special conference prices. Please note that the block reservation will be valid until the registration deadline only, so it is advisable to make your reservation before January 20, 2015. After that, rooms will depend on availability of each hotel.

Registration and abstract submission can be done through:

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is January 20th, 2015. Soon after that, the official program will be announced.

A limited number of partial travel grants is available for students by the Virgo-Ego Scientific Forum (VESF) and for working group meeting participants by the ERC COST action “NewCompStar”.

We are looking forward to meeting all interested participants in Thessaloniki in May!

With our best regards,

The Organising Committee

N. Stergioulas
A. Bauswein
P. Iosif
G. Tantilian
N. Tryfonidis