1st Maurice Bazin Caribbean Conference on Relativistic Astrophysics, Havana, Cuba

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Date:  2015-05-13  -  2015-05-13

Location:  Havana, Cuba

The Maurice Bazin Caribbean Conference on Relativistic Astrophysics will be held in Havana, Cuba on May 13, 2015, in Hotel NH CAPRI LA HABANA (calle 21 entre calle N y O) http://www.nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-capri-la-habana

This one day conference is devoted to the memory of Maurice Bazin (1934-2009), author of one of the most important books of general relativity, together with Ronald Adler and Menahem Schiffer (Introduction to General Relativityy, McGraw-Hill, 1965), Maurice Bazin was an example of an educator contributing to the advance of science in Cuba, Brazil, Chile and Africa.

The Program of the one day conference starts with an official opening at 9:00 am, attended by authorities and representatives of the embassies of Armenia, Brazil, Cuba, Italy and the Vatican, and words of welcome of the President of ACC, Dr. Ismael J. Clark Arxer, Dr. Hugo Perez-Rojas, chairman of the conference, and Ricardo Conzalez Felipe on behalf of the local organizing committee. The scientific meeting will feature lectures presented by REMO RUFFINI and JORGE RUEDA, from the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network – ICRANet, Italy, AURORA PÉREZ-MARTÍNEZ from the Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics – ICIMAF, Cuba, GABRIELE GIONTI , S.J., from the Specola Vaticana, Vatican and CÉSAR A. ZEN VASCONCELLOS, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS, Brazil.

The poster http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/poster_cuba.pdf