Update news about Marcel Grossman meeting

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There are updates regarding the Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Gravitation, and Relativistic Field Theory to be held at the University of Rome Sapienza July 12 – 18, 2015. http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/

Information on the financial support for participants can be found in www.icra.it/mg/mg14/financial_support.htm

There will be five satellite MG14 meetings to be held in Brazil, China, Cuba, Monaco and France, and Mexico, for details see http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/satellite_meetings.htm

During MG14 four public lectures will be delivered, for details see http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/public_lectures.htm

The tour program for accompanying persons include tours to: The Vatican (on Monday 13), Galleria Borghese (on Tuesday 14), Walking tour in the Baroque Rome (Wednesday 15), Ghosts of Rome and … Hora Felix with Michelangelo and Caravaggio (Thursday 16), Ancient Rome (Friday 17). For details see http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/social_activities.htm

The conference banquet will be held on Wednesday 15 at Palazzo Colonna http://www.galleriacolonna.it/en/

The International Organizing chaired by Remo Ruffini can be found here www.icra.it/mg/mg14/ioc.htm

The International Coordinating Committee including representatives from 55 nations and chaired by Robert Jantzen can be found here www.icra.it/mg/mg14/icc.htm

The Local Organizing Committee chaired by Massimo Bianchi can be found here www.icra.it/mg/mg14/loc.htm

The registration to the meeting and abstract submission is open in http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/registration.htm

The MG Awards are announced in http://www.icra.it/mg/awards/#14th.htm
Please see also the previous MG Awards here http://www.icra.it/mg/awards/

The updated information on the proceedings including the new submission policy is given in http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/proceedings.htm

The list of plenary speakers has been recently updated http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/invited_speakers.htm

The list of about 100 parallel sessions is given in http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/parallel_sessions.htm

Time grid of parallel sessions can be found in http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/timetable.htm

The information on transportation, including the special Air France fare can be found in http://www.icra.it/mg/mg14/transportation.htm