VIII Black Holes Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal

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Date:  2015-12-21  -  2015-12-22

Location:  Lisbon, Portugal

From astrophysics to high-energy physics, from information theory to quantum gravity, black holes have acquired an ever increasing role in fundamental physics, and are now part of the terminology of many important branches of observational, theoretical and mathematical physics.

The Black Holes Workshops gather researchers working on mathematical and physical problems of gravitation, both in its classical and quantum aspects, as well as on superstrings, cosmology and astrophysics, and stimulate the interaction between them.

The eighth edition of the Black Holes Workshop invites researchers on black holes in all their aspects to participate, and will be held at Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) in Lisbon, from 21-22 December 2015.

These meetings are informal, involving typically around 50 participants and there is no registration fee. The workshop will consist of contributed talks by the participants.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please register and send an abstract before November 15th.

This workshop follows the conference GR 100 years in Lisbon held at IST from 18-19 December 2015. All participants are warmly encouraged to attend both events.