The 3rd BNU International Summer School on Quantum Gravity, Beijing, China

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Date:  2016-08-15  -  2016-08-20

Location:  Beijing, China

The 3rd BNU International Summer School on Quantum Gravity will be held at Beijing Normal University (BNU) from 15 to 20 August in 2016. The series of BNU International Summer School is intended to provide a pedagogical introduction for graduate students and young post-docs to certain fundamental topics of quantum gravity.

This year’s topics include: Loop quantum gravity, Loop quantum cosmology, Spin foams, Group field theory, Kaluza-Klein theory.

Norbert Bodendorfer (Univ of Warsaw, Poland)
Sylvain Carrozza (Univ of Bordeaux, France)
Muxin Han (Florida Atlantic Univ, USA)
Jerzy Lewandowski (Univ of Warsaw, Poland)
Chris Pope (Texas & Univ, USA)
Edward Wilson-Ewing (Max-Planck Inst for Gravitational Physics, Germany)

The working language is English. But participation is limited. Students and young post-docs who are interested to attend the school are invited to look up the registration information and register at the website of the school:

The online registration will be open from 3 to 20 of June, 2016.

Organization Committee:
GAO Sijie (BNU)
LU Hong (BNU)
LIU Wenbiao (BNU)
MA Yongge (Chair, BNU)
ZHANG Hongbao (BNU)

LONG Gaoping (BNU)
SONG Shupeng (BNU)
WANG Xiaobao (BNU)
Contact: qgschool[AT]

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