Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology – VARCOSMOFUN’16, Szczecin, Poland (2nd announcement)

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Date:  2016-09-12  -  2016-09-17

Location:  Szczecin, Poland

Dear Colleagues,

We promptly invite you to register for our conference

“Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology” – VARCOSMOFUN’16

which will take place in Szczecin, Poland from 12th to 17th September 2016.

Early registration and abstract submission deadline is June 30th, 2016. Full information is available on our webpage:

Conference email is: varcosmo16[AT]

We have also limited financial support (conference fee reduction or waiver) for students and developing countries participants available on application before 20th of June 2016:

The program of the conference will contain 5 plenary morning sessions with invited lectures and 16 parallel afternoon sessions with contributed talks (please send abstracts through our webpage or contact appropriate conveners of the sessions for the details). On the last day of the conference there will also be two philosophy and frontier of cosmology sessions.

Invited speakers are: J.D. Barrow, J. Berengut, C. van de Bruck, B. Carter, P.C.W. Davies, M. Duff, V. Flambaum, M. Heller, H. Katori, A. Krolak, J. Magueijo, C.J.A.P. Martins, J. Moffat, M. Murphy, W. Ubachs, J.-Ph. Uzan, J. Webb.

Special topic: Varying constants – theory, laboratory experiments, astronomical observations.

Further topics: Modified gravity . Quantum cosmology . Quantum entanglement . Multiverse . Anthropic principle . Dark matter – theory and experiment . Dark energy – theory and observations . Inflation and large-scale structure . Early Universe . Gravitational waves . Cosmic Microwave Background

There will be conference proceedings published in the MDPI journal ”Universe” and by the Copernicus Center Press.

Yours faithfully,
Mariusz P. Dabrowski (Organizing Committee chair)