The Chalonge de Vega 20th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2016

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Ecole Internationale Daniel Chalonge-Hector de Vega

The Chalonge de Vega 20th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2016:
The Universe of CMB, Warm Dark Matter, Dark Energy and keV Sterile Neutrinos

Place: Historic Perrault building, Observatoire de Paris at Paris

Dates: 20, 21 and 22 July 2016


So far, not a single valid objection arose against WDM.

A Turning Point operated in the last years in the Dark Matter research: Warm Dark Matter (WDM) emerged impressively over Cold Dark Matter (CDM) as the leading Dark Matter candidate. WDM solves naturally the problems of CDM and CDM + baryons , provides the same large scale and CMB results than ΛCDM and agrees with the observations at the galactic and small scales.

Warm Dark Matter (WDM) is hot topic in galaxies and cosmology and implies novelties in the astrophysical, cosmological, particle physics and nuclear physics context. Warm Dark Matter Cosmology (LambdaWDM) is a more complete, correct and general theory than Cold Dark Matter (LambdaCDM) because it contains CDM as a limiting case, reproduces LambdaCDM at large scales and solves all the known problems of CDM at small and intermediate scales.

This Colloquium addresses the last progresses in the LambdaWDM Standard Model of the Universe. with the CMB, dark matter, dark energy, the new WDM framework to galaxy formation, and the effective theory of the early universe inflation with predictive power. The Colloquium addresses as well the theory and experimental search for the WDM particle physics candidates (keV sterile neutrinos). Astrophysical constraints put the sterile neutrino mass m in the range 1