Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone VII, Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Date:  2017-03-30  -  2017-04-01

Location:  Punta del Este, Uruguay


The seventh edition of the Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone
workshop, first held in 1996, will take place March 30th-April 1st in
Punta del Este, Uruguay. The purpose of the meeting is to bring
together world specialists on quantum gravity, geometry and field
theory with scientists and students from the southern region of Latin
America.There will be a series of invited lectures and a few short
communications and posters by the participants, with ample time for
Invited speakers:

Ivan Agullo, Louisiana State University
Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State
Nathan Berkovits, ICTP-SAIFR
Eugenio Bianchi, Penn State
Daniel Harlow, Harvard University
Alok Laddha, Chennai Mathematical Institute
Juan Maldacena, Institute for Advanced Study
Hermann Nicolai, Albert Einstein Institute
Carmen Nuñez, University of Buenos Aires
Javier Olmedo, Louisiana State University
Alejandro Perez, Universite Aix-Marseille
Achilleas Porfyriadis, Harvard University
Rafael Porto, ICTP-SAIFR
Victor Rivelles, University of Sao Paulo
Andrew Strominger, Harvard University
Pedro Vieira, ICTP-SAIFR
Matias Zaldarriaga, Institute for Advanced Study
Jorge Zanelli, CECS

International Organizing Committee:
Rodolfo Gambini (Montevideo), Carmen Núñez (Buenos Aires),
Jorge Pullin (Louisiana State), Victor Rivelles (Sao Paulo),
Jorge Zanelli (Valdivia).

Local organizers: Rodolfo Gambini (Chair),
N. Barrios, F. Benitez, M. Campiglia, R. Eyheralde, E. Mato,
R. Porto, M. Reisenberger, S. Torterolo.

Web page: http://qgscvii.fisica.edu.uy Contact e-mail:

The conference will take place at the Jean Clevers Hotel

The meeting is sponsored by the University
of the Republic (Uruguay), ANII (Uruguay), The National Science
Foundation (USA), Hearne Institute (USA), SAIFR-ICTP (Brazil).

Registration is now open, visit the webpage to submit abstracts
and pay the registration fee and the banquet costs if desired.
Deadline for registration is February 15th. Information about
transportation and lodging will be forthcoming in a third