Postgraduate studentships in Gravitation, Astrophysics, Cosmology and Fundamental Interactions at CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Deadline:  2017-05-17

Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A call is now open for entry into the postgraduate programme (Ph.D. or M.Sc.) at the Brazilian Center for Physics Research / Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro has a dynamic scientific atmosphere, with several research-intensive Universities and independent centres, among which CBPF, which is one of the top research institutions in Physics in South America. In particular, CBPF has recently created a new department of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Fundamental Interactions – COSMO, with 9 faculty members carrying out research comprising (but not limited to) the following fields: black hole physics; gravitational waves; gravitational lensing; theoretical and observational cosmology; quantum gravity and cosmology; quantum field theory; supersymmetry; nuclear astrophysics.

We particularly encourage students with research interests in the above fields to apply to our postgraduate programme. Entry is made via a selection process which involves a written exam in general Physics and an interview, both of which can be done entirely in the student’s home country and in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Studentships are awarded to those students who pass the selection process. The studentships include a monthly stipend plus some travel funding for, e.g., international conferences. There is also the opportunity for a few selected students to spend periods working abroad in non-Brazilian academic institutions.

The deadline for registration (which requires a record of undergraduate grades and two letters of reference) for the selection process is 14/5/2017, the written exam is on 19/5/2017, the interview is on 12/6/2017 for the M.Sc. and on 13/6/2017 for the Ph.D. (exceptionally, a different interview date might be accommodated), and the start of the degree is August 2017.

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