Summer School: “Enstein’s Theory of Gravity and its Modifications: From Theory to Observations”, Island of Sifnos, Greece

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Date:  2017-09-18  -  2017-09-23

Location:  Island of Sifnos, Greece

Einstein’s theory of Gravity over hundred years now, is considered one of the most successful theories describing cosmic objects and their interactions. However, recent observations suggest that the Einstein’s theory of Gravity may have to be modified.

The aim of the 9th Aegean Summer School is to discuss recent developments on Gravity theory and its modifications, presenting scalar-tensor theories like generalized Galileon theories, Enstein-Cartan and Newton-Cartan theories, massive gravity and also Lorentz violating theories like the Horava-Lifshitz.

Also, recent astrophysical and cosmological observational results will be discussed, and a status report on the BINGO, SKA, LIGO and eLISA projects will be presented.