SageManifolds 1.2 is out

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SageMath 8.2 has just been released and is shipped with version 1.2 of SageManifolds code. SageMath is a Python-based free computer algebra system, with some differential geometry and tensor calculus capabilities implemented via the SageManifolds project ( See for examples of use, in particular in the context of general relativity.

The new features with respect to version 1.1 of SageManifolds are:
– the possibility to use SymPy instead of SageMath default (Pynac+Maxima) as the symbolic engine for calculus on coordinate expressions
– manifolds equipped with a default metric (i.e. pseudo-Riemannian manifolds)
– operators for vector calculus on any pseudo-Riemannian manifold: gradient, divergence, curl, Laplacian, Dalembertian, dot product, cross product and norm
– more functionalities in the naming of bases and vector frames

See for details and examples.

It suffices to upgrade to SageMath 8.2 to benefit from these features. Binaries for Linux, MacOS X and Windows are available at
Another option is to run SageMath 8.2 remotely, by creating a free account in CoCalc ( open a Jupyter notebook and select “SageMath 8.2” in the menu Kernel –> Change kernel.

Eric Gourgoulhon,
on behalf of SageManifolds team (