Inflation, Alternatives and Gravitational Waves Workshop, Ariel, Israel

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Date:  2018-09-03  -  2018-09-06

Location:  Ariel, Israel

The workshop brings together experimentalists and theorists working on Early Universe processes that generate gravitational waves on various scales. It is in a workshop format giving ample time for free discussion among participants. The final day of the workshop will be devoted to a tour in Jerusalem.

Topics to be addressed:
Status of Inflationary Theory,
Alternative Early Universe Theories,
Present and Future CMB Observations,
Status of LIGO and LISA,
Stochastic Gravitational Waves and Observations.

Accommodation: Reduced hotel rates for workshop participants at Gilgal Hotel in Tel Aviv near the sea shore ( The reservation can be booked by mail Manager[AT] with the mail subject: “Ariel’s Workshop”. There will be a morning and evening shuttle from the hotel to the University and back and also a shuttle from the hotel to Jerusalem to those that signed up for the tour. A limited number of rooms are also available at the Student’s dorms in Ariel as well.