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Date: 2018-09-03 - 2018-09-06
Location: Ariel, Israel

Inflation, Alternatives and Gravitational Waves Workshop, Ariel, Israel

The workshop brings together experimentalists and theorists working on Early Universe processes that generate gravitational waves on various scales. It is in a workshop format giving ample time for free discussion among participants. The final day of the workshop will be devoted to a tour in Jerusalem.

Topics to be addressed:
Status of Inflationary Theory,
Alternative Early Universe Theories,
Present and Future CMB Observations,
Status of LIGO and LISA,
Stochastic Gravitational Waves and Observations.

Accommodation: Reduced hotel rates for workshop participants at Gilgal Hotel in Tel Aviv near the sea shore ( The reservation can be booked by mail Manager[AT] with the mail subject: “Ariel’s Workshop”. There will be a morning and evening shuttle from the hotel to the University and back and also a shuttle from the hotel to Jerusalem to those that signed up for the tour. A limited number of rooms are also available at the Student’s dorms in Ariel as well.