Scale invariance in particle physics and cosmology, CERN, Switzerland

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Date:  2019-01-28  -  2019-02-01

Location:  CERN, Switzerland

Theories with (classical or quantum) scale-invariance provide a dynamical origin of all mass scales and present a number of interesting aspects: they are an appealing framework to address the hierarchy problem and lead to naturally flat inflationary potentials and dark matter candidates. The aim of the theory institute is to discuss scale invariance in particle physics and cosmology. In particular, the inclusion of gravity in a scale-invariant framework might have far-reaching consequences and will be discussed at this meeting.

A partial list of speakers includes

Fedor Bezrukov
John Donoghue
Astrid Eichhorn
Christopher T. Hill
Bob Holdom
D. R. Timothy Jones
Archil Kobakhidze
Manfred Lindner
Hermann Nicolai
Roberto Percacci*
Javier Rubio
Alberto Salvio
Kellogg Stelle*
Alessandro Strumia
Christof Wetterich

* to be confirmed

Registration is open now and participation at the event is moderated, i.e., applications will have to be approved by the organizers.

Practical information: There is no registration fee. A limited number of rooms have already been pre-booked at CERN hotels, please contact THworkshops.secretariat[AT] (after registration) if you want to stay there during the meeting.

Organizers: A. Eichhorn, J. Rubio, A. Salvio, S. Sibiryakov, M. Shaposhnikov, A. Strumia, C. Wetterich