Aotearoa Fundamental Physics 2018 Workshop – Observer-dependent entropy, Victoria, New Zealand

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Date:  2018-12-12  -  2018-12-14

Location:  Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

The notions of entropy and information are recurring themes in vastly different areas of physics. With Bekenstein’s work linking gravitational horizons to entropy, any quantum theory of gravity will have to account for the emergence of Bekenstein’s notion of entropy. In parallel, today’s availability of quantum information experiments made the question of how quantum field theories in general cope with information and entropy increasingly pressing. At the conjunction of these two avenues of inquiry lies the fact that entropy encodes lack of knowledge.

Observers now enter the formalism, either through an observer’s method for coarse-graining encapsulating this ignorance, or directly through the observer’s trajectory in space-time and resulting horizons hiding information. This workshop aims to bring both experts of the field and young researchers together to discuss and explore this exciting interplay of topics.

There is no registration fee. We invite contributed talks.