Vacuum Fluctuations at Nanoscale and Gravitation: theory and experiments, Orosei, Italy

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Date:  2019-04-19  -  2019-05-03

Location:  Club Marina Beach, Orosei, Italy

Vacuum fluctuations and macroscopic observables are amongst the most intriguing topics of the modern physics, particularly when considering the interaction with the gravitational field. The theoretical understanding and experimental evidences are still not completely satisfactory and require more efforts to reach a deeper consensus.

The workshop is devoted to both the theory and experiments related to vacuum fluctuations and gravitation and also to high precision gravitational experiments working underground or in environments in which seismic noise needs to be reduced.

It will be located on the seaside of Sardinia at half an hour by car to the Sos-Enattos mine, where an underground laboratory is in construction. The workshop will be also an occasion to give the community the knowledge of the laboratory and to promote future collaborations that can benefit of a low seismic underground site.