The Chalonge-De Vega Programme 2019: The New Universe and Dark Energy

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Post by Norma G. Sanchez – February 24 2019

Ecole Internationale d’Astrophysique Daniel Chalonge – Hector de Vega

-Programme of the Year 2019:

The New Universe and its Implications on Dark Energy – Le Nouveau Univers et l’Energie Noire

This year programme includes research, training and scientific culture on New Topics on Quantum Physics in the New Standard Model of the Universe in agreement with observations:

(i) The New gravitational history of the Universe

(ii) The Quantum origin of the Universe and quantum physics in cosmology, inflation, the CMB, primordial gravitational waves, dark energy, the quantum vacuum and the cosmological constant.

(iii) Their impact on the deep universe survey programmes and next missions, theory for big data
and other new subjects in the spirit of the Chalonge-de Vega School.

Opening of the Programme 2019: The 28 March 2018, CIUP Paris 14e. The New gravity history of the Universe and Dark Energy.

Open and free Science-Open and free access.

The Session includes too:

-The Universe “fractal tree” of Norma Sanchez and its roots.

-Leonardo da Vinci universality.

-Henri Poincare’ and his pioneering work on general relativity and gravitational waves (Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, 1906, Chapter 9).

-Victor Hugo and the Observatoire de Paris, Jean Prouve’ and astrophysics.

-Sharing of scientific knowlodge and scientific communication: a problem of language?

Programme open to researchers, post-docs, advanced students, theorists, experimentalists, observers. Also open to teachers, journalists, communicators.

The informations on the Programme 2019 and on its Opening Session are available here:

The results of the Programme 2018, all conference presentations, scientific mediation and scientific support are available here:

With compliments and kind regards

Norma G. Sanchez and the Chalonge de Vega Team