Workshop on gravitational-wave parameter estimation with PyCBC Inference, Portsmouth, UK

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Date:  2019-05-14  -  2019-05-16

Location:  Portsmouth, United Kingdom

This workshop will provide an introduction to Bayesian Inference and its application to gravitational-wave astronomy, with a specific focus on the PyCBC Inference toolkit. PyCBC Inference is an open-source, python-based parameter estimation tool for gravitational wave astronomy. It has been used in several publications to date, involving both multimessenger astrophysics, and tests of general relativity. The toolkit may be used either with proprietary LIGO/Virgo data, or with publicly available data at the Gravitational Wave Open Science Center (GWOSC).

The goal of the workshop is to provide attendees with enough understanding of Bayesian inference and a practical knowledge of PyCBC Inference such that they can use the toolkit for a variety of analyses on gravitational-wave data. We will mix traditional presentations with hands-on tutorials, and will have time reserved for small-group projects. Topics covered will be:
* Introduction to parameter estimation in gravitational-wave astronomy.
* Overview of stochastic sampling techniques, including tests of convergence and practical considerations.
* How to adapt the code for your project.
* Parallelization and optimization techniques.

The workshop is open to all students, postdocs, and faculty who have an interest in using gravitational wave parameter estimation for their own research projects. For more details and registration please visit There is no fee to attend.