SIGRAV International School 2020, Vietri sul Mare, Italy

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Date:  2020-02-03  -  2020-02-07

Location:  Vietri sul Mare, Italy

The school, organised by the Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV), aims at providing robust and deep knowledge of General Relativity and its possible modifications, with particular attention to phenomenological consequences in astrophysics and in cosmology.

The School is intended for PhD students and young post-docs and it is based on four courses:

a) General Relativity and its Modifications – Lecturer: Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH, Zurich)
b)Testing Gravity – Lecturer: Paolo Pani (Sapienza University of Rome)
c) Cosmology beyond General Relativity – Lecturer: Tessa Baker (Oxford University)
d) Cosmological Perturbation Theory and Structure Formation – Lecturer: Sabino Matarrese (University of Padova)

Students are requested to attend all lectures and seminars.